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Anonymous: I Found A White Bean June 21, 2006

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Translated from the Latvian by Bitite Vinklers

I found a white bean:
where did I plant it?
In the middle of a garden
on a white sandy hill.
Strong and tall, the beanstalk grew
all the way to the sky;
up the stalk, branch by branch,
I climbed until I reached the sky.
There I saw a son of God
tally bees by the basket;
from the stingers of his bees
I forged a pointed sword,
with my pointed sword
I slew the devil's mother.
My brown coat was stained,
spattered with her blood:
I asked Mara1, "Where shall I
wash the coat clean?"
"Wash it in the river, lad,
where nine currents run."
"Tell me, Mara, where shall I
spread the coat to dry?"
"Dry it in a garden, lad,
in the sunlight of nine suns."
"Tell me, Mara, where shall I
press the coat smooth?"
"Press it where you find, my lad,
nine maids with mangles."
"Tell me, Mara, when shall I
wear that coat again?"
"Wear it on the day, my lad,
when nine suns appear."


1. Mara is an earth goddess.

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